Polycarbonate Unbreakable Tumbler 450ml


The Polycarbonate Unbreakable Tumbler is a traditional whisky tumbler shape. Also a versatile sophisticated option for short cocktails, soft drinks, or water.

Providing a safer and more resilient alternative to traditional glassware, yet retaining the shape and weight of glass. Polycarbonate is shatter-proof and chip-proof. Perfect for parties, events, BBQ and picnics, as well as homes with children.

With a clear transparent finish, stain-free, odour-free and dishwasher safe, tough polycarbonate alternative to fragile glass is more convenient and practical as well as safer.


Polycarbonate Unbreakable Tumbler 450ml


Product Details:

Contains: 1 Tumbler

Volume: 450ml

Design: Short Glass/Whisky Tumbler

Material: Polycarbonate 
Dishwasher Safe

Additional information

Weight 0.082 kg
Dimensions 8.4 x 8.4 x 22.8 cm


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