Boston Cocktail Shaker


The Boston Shaker is the cocktail shaker of choice for professional mixologists.

This Boston Shaker has a volume of 880ml, allowing a large batch of drinks to be created at once. The traditional glass half has been replaced by unbreakable polycarbonate to last longer and provide a safer alternative.

The transparent half of the Boston Shaker allows both the mixologist and the patron/party guest to see the ingredients mixing as they are shaken with ice.


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Remove the dangers of broken glass with the Perfect Fit Plastic Boston Glass. Made from shatterproof polycarbonate, this shaker glass withstands the rigours of frequent use.

Used by professional mixologists to travel to competitions, this unbreakable plastic shaker is ideal for transporting to parties. There’s no need to worry about padding it out to protect it from other bar tools.

The rim bulges out, giving this Boston glass a snug fit when used with a Boston tin. 

A Hawthorn Strainer (sold separately) is required to remove the ice when serving cocktails.


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