Unbreakable Wine Glass 390ml Set of 12 (Polycarbonate)



Providing a safer and more resistant alternative to traditional glassware pieces, the Astaire range from Utopia boats the majestic look of crisp glassware with the practicality of polycarbonate.

This set of 12 x 390ml polycarbonate unbreakable wine glasses is a must have for any wine lover’s dinner table or home bar.

Shatter-proof unbreakable wine glass make any event or a household with children safer, while retaining the weight in your hand and premium clarity of traditional glassware.





Polycarbonate Unbreakable Wine Glass 390ml Set of 12


Product Details:


Contains: 12 Wine Glasses

Volume: 390ml

Design: Stemmed

Material: Polycarbonate




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